Wett Trader, LLC ™

The Wett Trader automated S&P and Currency Futures trading platform monitors the markets, for you during ALL market sessions. The Simplest Automation Tool for Traders.

Wett Trader fully automated order routing to your account 23 hours a day It is the only “PRICE AND TIME” software available to individual investors that runs 100% on auto-pilot. It is 100% point and click with no programming required by the user.

Wett Trader Platform Offers:

  • Multiple Accounts: Send orders to multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • No Emotions, Automated Risk Management
  • Simple: Designed for simplicity and ease of use.
  • Quick Position Flattening: One-Click closing of all open positions.
  • Quick Order Cancellation: One-Click cancellation of all open orders.
  • Powerfully trades multiple time frames simultaneously

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